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If you have excess office space with no immediate need to use it, we can rent it out until you need it again. From a desk, private office to an entire floor we have the prospective tenants ready to fill your space. Our team will manage the entire process for you from designing the space, building a campaign, booking the tours and closing the deal. All you need to is meet and greet your prospective tenants and watch your bottom line grow.

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Serviced Offices / Coworking

If you have an established shared workspace we help build targeted lead generation campaigns around the unique DNA of the workspace. Our marketing campaigns are also a little different in that they reflect real pricing on real offices/desks that are available in real time. We then qualify the needs of the prospective tenant, confirm a tour time and offer 360 feedback as to where the deal is at post the tour. Our mission is to simply to fill each centre one space at a time.

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For property investors wanting to explore the option of converting their conventional office space into a Managed workspace, we can help. A Managed space is similar to a conventional lease except it comes furnished with internet/electricity and the lease terms are more flexible than a conventional lease. This is a rapidly emerging market given the increase in the ROI for the property investor. In a boutique industry we are the experts in building managed spaces and sourcing the right tenants to fill them.

Private Business

Temporary Space

If you have space that is designed for events, pop ups or something just a little outside the box we can help by building an online campaign to drive enquiries. Given the high volume and temporary nature of these rentals, we offer a simplified service where we connect your space directly to businesses looking for temporary space. Using WALTA our online listing and lead management tool, you can control all your listings in real time to reflect the dynamic changes in the availability of your space.

Tailored marketing campaigns

We are experts in driving enquiries to any workspace anywhere around the world. Filling empty space is our mission and we start by pulling apart the DNA of your workspace so we can build a campaign to attract the right tenants. This generally comes easy when you are the No. 1 website for shared workspaces, serviced offices and coworking. Maybe it is in our blood as well.

We are human

Our team are humans not “bots”. We are industry experts who are specialists in shared and flexible workspaces. We have a name, a face and more importantly; a number for you to call. This personal approach means all prospective tenants booked in to see your space are qualified and on brief for what your workspace offers. On top of that, we call every prospective tenant before and after each inspection for feedback to determine if the space is right for them. Communication is what makes us different.

WALTA - your personal assistant

WALTA is your very own assistant available 24x7 to help you manage all your marketing, leads and listings. WALTA empowers the workspace owner to manage their own campaigns to reflect real time occupancy and pricing that is linked to dedicated workspaces. Within WALTA you can also see who has toured your workspace, the DNA of what they want and 360 feedback on where you and Office Hub see the deal stage at. WALTA is the only portal in the world that can do this and it’s only available at Office Hub.

The Office Hub Tool Kit

Building a shared space needs tools and as an Office Hub member these come complimentary so you can build and manage your shared workspace. Our “Tool Kit” guides you through how to design, layout, photograph and price your space to successfully compete in the market. We also offer a complimentary online licence agreement and merchant facilities dedicated to shared spaces. We give you the tools so you can easily build a great workspace.

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