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With secure payments and simple contracts, it is safe and easy to list your office space and start making money.

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With our unique online portal WALTA, you’re in full control of your office pricing, availability, tours and office rules.

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The Office Hub team of workspace experts has the knowledge and tools to help you make the right decisions for your space.

Our Difference

Office Hub is the world’s No.1 office space marketplace and we do things differently around here. It’s not about listing your space and hoping leads come in. It’s about working with a team that can make it happen. With the vital combo of advanced tech and personalised service, we generate more enquiries, deliver more tours and sign more tenants. Keep reading to learn more about our unique service.

We’re one of the only office space advertisers with a real service team – most use automated bots, which means bad quality leads and more work for you. We respond to enquiries within minutes (or seconds if we’ve had our morning coffee). We arrange tours and work deals to make it as easy as possible for everyone. You’ll feel the difference with our premium service.

WALTA, our client portal, is the secret to your success (don’t tell anyone). You can log in, view your ads and update your availability or pricing in real time. You also get 360-degree transparency as we update WALTA every time a deal status changes. More control and less work? WALTA is your new best friend.

Lead Generation & Tailored Marketing

Specialised SEO and SEM marketing brings more relevant users to our website to view your office space. With unique listings, optimised content, partner webpages, video marketing and original blog content – all about your space – we help you stand out in front of a huge audience.

Our Toolkit guides you through designing, photographing and pricing your space. It helps you understand the industry and know how to structure your memberships. From onboarding to extra marketing to license agreements, our Toolkit has got every aspect of your office rental covered.

What Type Of Office Space Do You Have?

No matter what kind of office space you have for rent, it’s simple and secure to find tenants, earn money and reach thousands of businesses looking for flexible office spaces.

Spare Office Space


Do you have spare office space with no immediate need to use it? We’ll rent it out until you need it again! Whether it’s a single desk, a private office or an entire floor, we’ll manage the entire process – design, marketing, tour booking and deal closing. All you need to do is host tours and get ready to see your bottom line grow.

Coworking Space and Serviced Office

Coworking & serviced

If you have an established shared workspace, we'll target tenants who will love the unique makeup of your space. Our industry-leading site gives you control and reflects real-time pricing and availability. We qualify all prospective tenants, confirm tour times and offer 360-degree post-tour feedback. We’ll fill your centre, one space at a time!

Conventional Office Space

conventional offices

If you’re a property investor thinking about converting your conventional office into a managed workspace, we can help. We’ll advise on furnishings and utilities so you can quickly rent out smaller equipped spaces. It’s a rapidly emerging market given the increased ROI for investors and we’re the experts in renting managed office spaces.

Temporary Office Space

Temporary Space

If you have event or popup space, meeting space or something else a little outside the box, our online campaigns will help. We drive enquiries and connect you with businesses looking for temporary space. Your listings will reflect real-time availability and pricing which is perfect for the fast-moving and temporary nature of your space.

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