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With secure payments and simple contracts, it is safe and easy to list your office space and start making money.

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With our unique online portal WALTA, you’re in full control of your office pricing, availability, tours and office rules.

Office Hub's team of industry experts support you all the way

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The Office Hub team of workspace experts has the knowledge and tools to help you make the right decisions for your space.

Other office space advertiser use automated bots, which means bad quality leads and more work for you. Our real-life team responds to enquiries within minutes (or seconds if we’ve had our morning coffee). We arrange tours and work deals for you. You’ll really feel the difference with our premium service.

WALTA, our client portal, is the secret to your success (don’t tell anyone). Log in, view your ads and update your availability in real time while enjoying 360-degree transparency every time a deal status changes. More control and less work? WALTA is your new best friend.

Lead Generation & Tailored Marketing

Specialised SEO and SEM marketing brings more relevant users to our website to view your office space. With unique listings, optimised content, partner webpages, video marketing and original blog content – all about your space – we help you stand out in front of a huge audience.

The OH Toolkit

Our Toolkit is designed for workspace novices – it’ll guide you through designing, photographing and pricing your workspace. You also get access to free online license agreement templates and merchant facilities for shared workspaces.

Membership Inclusions

Need more from your advertisers and brokers? Here’s what you get from your Office Hub membership.

Dedicated account manager

Full lead qualification, market insight and regular feedback about every potential lead as well as ad-hoc support whenever you need it.

Marketing management

Inhouse graphic design and content writing for your property plus search engine and social media marketing to drive traffic to your office space.

$2,000 of external advertising

Ongoing advertising worth at least $2,000 on Australia’s top commercial property websites including Realcommercial and Commercialrealestate.

Online lead tracking

Our state-of-the-art client portal lets you update pricing & availability, view feedback and track deals in real time for 360-degree transparency.

Contracts & bond handling

We provide license agreements when a deal is made and collect the initial payment from the tenant before passing it onto you.


Our fees vary depending on the type, country and region of your workspace. We charge a small one-off membership fee which covers a lifetime partnership and after that we work on success, so you know we’re always doing more to find you tenants.

For a free no-obligation personal consultation about your workspace and how we can help, simply add your listing below.


Office Hub is a non-exclusive commercial agent because we’re confident we’ll deliver the best results. If you have an office, sublet or commercial space that you want to rent out, you can list with us and other agencies for a better chance of finding the right tenant.

Tell us a bit about your space and we’ll get in touch for a personal no obligation consultation about your workspace.

CASE STUDY: From Empty Space to Leading Coworking Office

Emerge is one of Sydney’s fullest coworking offices – and it only opened five months ago. Discover how Emerge worked with Office Hub to successfully rent its office spaces in record time.

Your Desk

Your Desk’s small team relies on Office Hub to help them reach more people searching for office space.

Gravity Coworking

Gravity Coworking filled its unique office through tailored lead generation in partnership with Office Hub.

The Australian Coworking Market Report by Office Hub

The Australian Coworking Market Report is launched annually evalulating the entire coworking sector on a national and regional level by mapping both supply and demand across all markets. The report provides in-depth insight for workspace providers, exploring who Australia’s flexible workers are and what the ultimate workspace looks like. If you want to find out what the future of coworking holds for the Australian market, read our reports below.

Coworking statistics and industry insights

Our exclusive database holds real data from more than 1,300 providers and 5,000+ tenants in Australia. If you are looking for specific stats or industry information in general, please reach out to our marketing team:


Once you add your listing, we’ll review the information and a friendly account manager will get in touch with you by either phone or email. We’ll explain more about how it all works including the cost of coming on board. We’ll also want to figure out what you want to achieve and how we can help. Adding your listing is completely free of obligation and cost so don’t hold back.

All it takes is for you to sign our Membership Agreement and pay our membership fee. We’ll send the agreement to you after we’ve spoken and we’ll invoice you after you’ve signed. Once you’ve paid, you’re an official Workspace Partner and your dedicated account manager will get in touch to start getting your property on board.

First things first – let’s get your property online. We’ll get you signed up to WALTA, our property management and lead tracking portal where you can update your listings in real time. You’ll have full control over availability, pricing, photos and more, along with expert sales and marketing support to make sure we’re targeting the right tenants. Don’t worry – we provide lots of information and personal support throughout this process so you’ll never feel alone.

Communication is where we come into our own. We speak personally with every prospective tenant to qualify them and determine that they are a great fit for your workspace. If they’re touring your space, we’ve already established they’re suitable so you don’t need to worry about questioning them.

Here at Office Hub, we see ourselves as matchmakers who introduce two suitable parties. However, we’re not into blind dates so we always get the workspace owner to meet, greet and show prospects around their space.

We’ll contact the prospective tenant to get their views. They’ve normally toured more than one space that day so we help them identify a shortlist and narrow down their favourites. You’re kept in the loop the whole time – we report all developments back to you by email and WALTA (our online client portal).

Every workspace owner has an account manager dedicated to them who is there to answer any questions around their space, tours and deal negotiation. We also have WALTA (Workspace and lead tracking assistant) our online portal which is available 24×7 to use where all the prospective tenants details are stored along with our teams unique insight into where they see the deal stage at.

Term of each deal varies depending on the needs of the business searching for an office space. As a guide our average customer generally needs space for 6-12 months however we do offer solutions anything from a day to several years.

Established workspace owners who are running a managed space like a serviced office generally manage the paperwork and funds transfers directly with the incoming tenant. For private owners of space not configured for this we offer a paperless online license agreement which can be signed on any device 24 x7. We also take care of the funds needed to secure the office space.

Every listing we have shows on Office Hub’s website which is the original and No 1 Shared Space portal to find flexible furnished office space.

In addition to this within Australia, Office Hub is registered licensed commercial agent, which means we can market our workspaces across the top 4 commercial industry portals:

>  realcommercial.com.au

> commercialrealestate.com.au

> commercialview.com.au and

> commercialpropertyguide.com.au.

We offer the ability to load up the DNA of your space via WALTA our online workspace assistant. Once reviewed by our team we can have your listings live online within an hour ready for the world to see.

Office Hub is the only company in the world offering real time availabilities including pricing on shared and flexible space. As part of your onboarding our team will upload your floor-plan into WALTA so all you need do is tick on the office you want to lease, put a price on it and any incentive needed to drive a deal.