Your extra space is full of cash – you just need the right tools to unleash it.

Whether you have one extra desk in your workspace, a spare office room at home, an entire commercial space of 50 desks or anything in between, your excess space is someone’s ideal office. Office Hub is here to help you market it and fill it!

Your extra space is an ideal office because people don’t want long-term conventional leases of commercial space anymore. Traditionally, business owners would have to go through real estate agents to agree terms with a commercial property owner, spending months agreeing complex terms on three- or five-year leases, or sometimes longer! You can see why people don’t want this style of office leasing these days – who knows where they’ll be in five years! Their business needs will have changed, they might need more or less space, and they may even want to relocate to an entirely new city. Spending months negotiating a complex deal and being locked into a long-term contract just isn’t convenient or practical for a business of any size these days.

Think about it – instead, someone could rent out your spare office space by the day, on a month-to-month basis or maybe for 12-months. Either way, it’s a far smaller and more attractive office leasing commitment without the huge capital output. Together, you and the tenant can quickly and easily decide on terms so they can move into your spare space almost immediately. If you’re both sharing your office space, you have a level of flexibility to adapt around each other and give or take space as each of you need it. Or, if you have a spare space at home you want to rent out as an office, imagine how much easier it is for the tenant to deal directly with you about their needs than have to go through a real estate agent. It makes much more sense for everyone.

On top of that, office leasing at a  conventional level provides the tenant with just an empty room. It’s the new tenant’s responsibility to set up internet, electricity, furnishings, insurance – what a hassle! On the other hand, your office is probably already set up with these essentials so the tenant can move in and not have to spend a penny on fitting it out. And, if your space isn’t setup yet, we’ll help you get it ready so it’s totally plug-and-play and the new tenant can simply move in and start working straight away.

All of this makes your spare office space incredibly attractive to a tenanting business.

But what about the benefits of office leasing for you?

Well, of course the main benefit of office leasing your extra space is the additional cash income you will make. Your office will be cheaper for the tenant compared to a conventional office, but you will still generate a very attractive income (and don’t worry – we’ll help you price your space competitively). That extra income each month could help you pay for your own office lease – many businesses we work with are now working for free after leasing their spare office space to other businesses! Or, at a home office, that cash could help pay off your mortgage or contribute to your next holiday.

There’s so many other benefits of office leasing too. Sharing your space with another business gives you the direct opportunity to collaborate with a like minded business – maybe a marketing firm finds a graphic design company that is perfect to work together with on a new project! Maybe a law practice shares with a accountancy firm and they can recommend each other’s services.

A shared office adds new faces and a great atmosphere to your office space. It’s fantastic for employee satisfaction to be able to chat with someone new over a coffee or bounce ideas off someone with a fresh take on a project. This is how modern businesses perform at their best and thousands of businesses are feeling the benefits of shared office space.

Someone is looking for a space like yours.

Whatever type of extra office space you have, someone is looking for a space like yours. It could be the ideal office for an ambitious entrepreneur, an exciting start-up or an established corporation. We get hundreds of enquiries every week from prospective tenants all over Australia looking for an office in every imaginable location, style and budget. We might even already be in touch with someone who wants a space like yours.

"If you can fit a desk, we can convert your extra office space to cash!"

Watch the video to see what Grant Philipp, Office Hub Founder & CEO, reckons we can do with your spare office space.

The flexible working revolution

Working styles are changing and more businesses than ever are looking for flexible office solutions.

Today’s young, tech-savvy workforce has blurred the line between work and life and they want workspaces that suit their lifestyles.

Metro locations with private landlords; smaller commitments on flexible terms; plug-and-play workspaces that are all set up – this is what today’s professionals want and we’re here to help you meet the market.

Your space's potential

90 per cent of Australian businesses employ fewer than 20 people, so conventional long-term commercial leases are dying and small, cost-effective and shared office space are in.

And the shared sector’s potential is still relatively untapped: in the next three years, the demand for flexible workspace is set to soar. It’s thought the number of workstations in Australia will need to triple in the next three years to meet the sky-rocketing demand.

From empty space to full office in 4 simple steps

There’s a lot to think about with office leasing but don’t worry – we’ve done this before. We’ll talk you through all the options, costs and considerations, hook you up with providers and advise every step of the way.


Once we’ve understood your space, we’ll help get it set up, photographed, priced and ready for the world to see.


We devise a tailored marketing campaign and advertise your space on all the top commercial
property portals.


We qualify every lead to make sure they’re perfect for your space, then book tours and collate feedback for you to see.


We work as the middle man to negotiate a great deal and we have a complimentary billing service to take the hassle off your hands.

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Become a coworking success like Gravity

Key factors such as location, styling and fit out make a great coworking space but it’s not a success until it’s full and buzzing with happy coworkers. At Office Hub we know how to find the right tenants for your coworking space.

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