Your extra office space is full of potential

Been thinking about renting out office space or spare desks at work or home? Keep reading to find out how rewarding it is for your business and your people.

Make Money

A main benefit of renting out office space is the cash income. With a competitive price, you can find tenants fast and supplement your business or income with their rent. Many businesses that rent office space out with Office Hub have covered their own lease and now work rent-free. We’ll help you price your office space to meet the market and attract tenants fast.

Create a Community

Bring more people into your workplace to create an enjoyable and motivating environment for your own team. They can meet new people at the coffee machine or bounce ideas off a fresh face – the social benefits are invaluable to employee satisfaction. And it can be a great move for business too. You could find a business in a similar industry and start recommending each other’s services to your clients. You could find a business which can help you with your marketing, sales or IT, and they might employ your services too. Shared offices are more engaging and exciting than a stagnant commercial office.

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Be Part Of a Movement

The shared office movement is the future of office real estate. It gives businesses a flexible affordable way to rent office space with more transparency and lower commitments. Renting shared office space makes it achievable for startups, SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs to have their own space as well as big businesses. Whatever size and industry you are in, renting shared office space makes a statement that your business is agile, modern and employee-focused.

It's Easy

Our service for workspace owners covers everything you might need help with when renting out office space for the first time. We give advice on office set up and pricing. We create compelling adverts for our site and Australia’s four main commercial property sites. You have control over your availability through our workspace portal WALTA. It’s easy to advertise on Office Hub and there’s only a one-off membership fee for a lifetime partnership. After that, we only win when you win so we go further than anyone else to find you tenants.

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"If you can fit a desk, we can make you cash!"

Watch the video to see what Grant Philipp, Office Hub Founder & CEO, reckons we can do with your spare office space.

The Flexible Working Revolution

Working styles are changing and more businesses are looking to rent flexible office solutions. Today’s young, tech-savvy workforce has blurred the line between work and life and they want office spaces that suit their lifestyles. Metro locations for an easier commute; flexible terms; fun communities; plug-and-play offices. We’re here to help you offer what people are looking for from their next office space.

The Demand For Shared Office Space

There’s huge demand for small cost-effective office space: 90 per cent of Australian businesses employ fewer than 20 people. It’s thought the number of workstations for rent in Australia will need to triple in the next three years to meet the sky-rocketing demand.

Become a coworking success like Gravity

Key factors such as location, styling and fit out make a great coworking space but it’s not a success until it’s full and buzzing with happy coworkers. We know how to find the right tenants for your coworking space.

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