Coworking vs commercial

Benefits, costs and how to decide which type of office space is right for you

Coworking offices are very different to commercial offices. There are a whole host of reasons why one could be right for you and the other might not. We’re here to help you find the right solution for your business, so keep reading as we break down the costs, benefits and drawbacks of coworking vs commercial.

Cost Breakdown

The breakdown below shows the approximate office costs for a business of 15 people 

Starting annual rent

Ready to move into

Flexible with no lock-in

Fitted & furnished

Internet & Phone


Building outgoings


Cleaning & maintenance

Business support

Total costs






+ $60,000

+ $1,000pa

+ $5,000pa

+ $8,000pa


Sense of Community

One of the best things about coworking is the sense of community. Shared offices create a sociable, interactive atmosphere that’s great for productivity and employee satisfaction, plus they open up unparalleled networking and collaboration opportunities. Many businesses find conventional offices solitary and uninspiring in comparison.

Better Buildings, Better Locations

There are very few conventional leases available in A-grade buildings and CBD locations in Australia’s major cities. Sharing office space, whether it’s a sublet, coworking or serviced office, can give you a prestigious business address, first-class environment and convenient location for a fraction of the conventional costs.

Locked into a Lease or Sublet?

If you’re a larger business with the ability to forecast your long-term growth, Leases and sublets are great for larger businesses that can forecast their growth, want complete control over the design and feel and have fewer budget limitations.

However, many businesses get a few months into their commercial lease or sublet and realise that it’s not working for them. This might be either a cost or a culture thing. Either way, Office Hub can help. We can rent out your extra desks or spaces to other businesses. Simple, secure and rewarding, renting your spare office space is a great way to feel the benefits of coworking in your own commercial lease.

How Can Office Hub Help?

Our expertise, knowledge and tools make it easy for us to match your business with the perfect office space. Whether you’re looking for a shared office or conventional office, our independent team is on hand to offer advice, shortlist spaces and manage your tours. You can make a decision without the pressures associated with leasing commercial space – and remember, our service is entirely free of charge.

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