Sublet conventional office space

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What Is Sublet Conventional Office Space?

A sublet conventional office space is when a commercial office space is subletted to another business with the original tenant moving out. It’s a more affordable way to rent a conventional style of office space and gives your business its own identity and privacy. When you sublet a commercial office, you can negotiate flexible terms and shorter lease lengths, and it might also be fully fitted and furnished for you.

What are the Advantages of Sublet Conventional Office Spaces?

Sublet conventional office spaces are a fantastic way to establish your own office, incorporate your business identity and project a credible image.

Subleasing an office can also be a more affordable way of renting office space. In most cases, it is significantly cheaper to sublease an office than it is to lease directly from the landlord. Contracts tend to be shorter-term too – more like 12 to 24 months than three years. There are also usually smaller security deposits.

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Types of Flexible Office Space

Office Hub Coworking


Collaborate and connect in a coworking office with plug-and-play spaces and a community of like minded people.



Seamless management and premium facilities – enjoy the support of an onsite service team in a corporate-style environment.

Office Hub Shared Space


Rent desks or space in someone else’s office for the perfect blend of flexibility, community and affordability.

Office Hub Conventional/Sublet Space


Sublet a conventional office for the image, identity and privacy of your own lease without the costs or commitment.

Office Hub Virtual Office


Think global and work from anywhere – a virtual office gives professional services and support without the physical office space.