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What is Coworking Office Space?

A coworking office brings together people from different businesses and industries. They work alongside each other in an open plan office with shared use of amenities and meeting rooms. But coworking isn’t just about the physical layout of the office! It’s a sociable style of working that encourages collaboration, community and connection. Coworking stimulates creativity, boosts happiness and saves small teams and individuals from feeling isolated and uninspired.
Coworking offices usually combine lifestyle facilities with workspaces. As well as meeting rooms, boardrooms and reception areas, they have lounges, cafe-style spaces and breakout zones. Some have rooftop terraces, games rooms and bars, and the overall mood is way more creative, way less corporate.

What Are The Advantages of Coworking Spaces?

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Coworking spaces are super affordable because you’re allocated a desk space rather than a whole room. It’s less private but you get all the same services such as internet and telecomms. Choosing a coworking space can reduce your office rent by up to three times without compromising on design, quality, facilities or services. There are two styles of coworking: hotdesking is the cheaper option whereby you take any available desk each day. A dedicated desk allow you to set up and save that desk for the duration of your rental.

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Our favourite benefit of coworking is the social aspect. Being around people is good for you and coworking increases productivity and happiness. Chat to new people every day, create business connections and find new friends while you all work on your passions. Collaborate with people in similar industries and learn more from people in different ones. Coworking helps you find support and inspiration from the people around you.



Coworking is a flexible way of renting office space because the providers understand their members. You can start off with one desk space, rent another at a moment’s notice for a remote colleague or rent a group of desks when you recruit staff. Some coworking offices even have private rooms for those who need privacy or a larger space. You can rent coworking space on a month-to-month, six-month or 12-month basis, and rates are lower for longer rentals.

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